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New Book! Felonies and Breakdowns: A Mickey Madison Adventure

Come grab a copy of my new book, Felonies & Breakdowns, A Mickey Madison Adventure. eBook available now, Physical Copies on Pre-Order for mid-October delivery. Mickey Madison has had a rough few years. From a felony assault charge, to an incarcerated sister, she didn’t think things could get worse – until they did. From library assistant to criminal, Mickey Madison embarks on a journey to escape her past and suffering, and in doing so, stumbles into a world of cartel money and violence. She’s ready to tell you all… Read more New Book! Felonies and Breakdowns: A Mickey Madison Adventure

Jamis Returns in “Origins”

I’m working on the second Jamis Bachman novel right now.   Here’s an early glimpse at Jamis, shortly after we left off in the first! ~ The dirt covered wood under her feet splintered and Jamis dropped.   She hit the dirt below with a thud and a groan.  Dust fell from above and she closed her eyes and mouth to avoid it.  She rolled to her side, pulled her knees up to her chest, and held still.  After a few moments, Jamis opened her eye closest to the ground. … Read more Jamis Returns in “Origins”