Origins: A Jamis Bachman Mystery

Coming May 2021!

Jamis is still healing from her last adventure when she’s pulled into another dangerous mystery.
There’s an inherited house in the middle of the Arizona desert and a strange spirit visiting the new owners at nighttime, repeating, “She knows.” There’s a living person creating mayhem. There’s a demon whispering in Jamis’s ear. Behind it all is a woman Jamis only glimpses in shadows.  
Somehow, it’s all connected to Jerome, Arizona where Jamis witnessed a terrifying vision years before. 
Jamis is about to learn her path wasn’t arbitrary and the truth of her origins as a ghost hunter. But will she and her new relationship withstand the answers she finds?

The Politics of Love

Is it possible to love across the political divide?

Shelley Whitmore is a successful attorney, working on behalf of her Evangelical parents’ faith-based organization, championing conservative values of individual liberty and limited government.  Everything’s totally fine, except that it really isn’t.  Shelley manages depression and crippling anxiety because of the secret she can never reveal: she’s gay.

Rand Thomas is a psychotherapist, transgender rights activist, and liberal grieving for her deceased wife.  Struggling with her dead wife’s toxic parents, Rand isn’t going to allow herself to love again.

When Shelley and Rand meet in Manhattan, neither one expects to find that the other is exactly who they need.

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SORTED: Serial Fiction

‪L West didn’t mean to get stuck on Earth.

It was just a field trip to a quarantined, primitive planet to garner attention in competition for an internship at The Academy of ExoGenealogy.

Now, almost a year later, L has a job at a library and ‘sorts’ humans who deserve it in off hours.

But when someone else starts killing people in the same neighborhood, and cops close in, L’s comfortable resignation is challenged.

And it also compels an even deeper question – who other than L is out at night? And can L stop the killer before the even deeper secret of their origins is revealed? 

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Jamis Bachman, Ghost Hunter

Jamis Bachman never stays in one place for too long. Retired from the reality TV show Ghastly Incidents, she’s now a social media sensation, chasing ghosts, demons, and inter-dimensional aliens—in an effort to avoid her own.

When a desperate young couple sends Jamis a video of a poltergeist disturbance, she jumps on a plane to Sage Creek, Utah, not knowing her world is about to change forever. Ghost stories she can handle, but a violent poltergeist, a brutal unsolved twenty-five-year-old murder, and meeting the love of her life? She’s in way over her head.

Jamis thought she was the one chasing ghosts, but it seems as though something is chasing her…

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